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Public realm works at the Teesside Retail Park, including parking, soft landscaping and street furniture.

This project involved public realm works at Teesside Park, Stockton on Tees. The works were undertaken in a series of phases with each phase completed prior to moving to the next.  

Once completed, the whole car park had been redesigned and new paving, soft landscaping and street furniture installed.   The works consist of:

  • Canopy removals from Units

  • Minor excavations to expose pad foundations for steelwork

  • Removal of all steelwork and facias

  • Installation of new services

  • Removal of existing kerbs

  • Construction of new sections of access road

  • Overlaying the existing car park

  • New kerb lines and paving

  • Drainage alterations & connection

  • Timber cladding to an existing pump house

  • New street furniture

  • New street lighting

  • Creation of children’s play area

  • Landscaping works

  • Creation of new bus stops and taxi shelters

  • White lining & road markings

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